Immigration Reform

We are committed to fixing our broken immigration system.

“Immigrants keep California entrepreneurial, innovative and productive.”
Governor Gavin Newsom

Our nation’s immigration system isn’t working for anybody. It divides families and damages our communities. California is the most diverse state in the nation and Democrats believe that the U.S. immigration system should be inclusive, fair, and just. We support comprehensive immigration reform that is consistent with American values of freedom, opportunity, compassion, and respect for human rights.

  • While Republicans have blocked immigration reform at the national level, California Democrats have passed nation-leading laws to help students and families.
  • After years of Republican stalling, California Democrats passed a law in 2014 allowing undocumented drivers to obtain licenses, which makes our streets and communities safer.
  • California Democrats passed the California Dream Act to ensure that students who were brought to the U.S. as children but have grown up as Americans can qualify for financial aid to pursue their college education.
  • California Democrats’ 2015 budget provides health coverage to immigrants who gain Permanent Residence Under Color of Law status under President Obama’s recent executive actions and for all children regardless of immigration status.

Dems Lead: Under the leadership of Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Xavier Becerra, California has provided legal assistance to children fleeing violence and torture in Central America, even though our federal immigration system does not provide lawyers to child immigrants.