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November 2016

California elected Kamala Harris to the U.S. Senate seat with nearly 63% of the vote, and gave Democrats a two-thirds supermajority in the Legislature. The election served notice that Democrats won’t stop fighting for our values in a Republican-controlled White House and Congress. 

May 2016
As Democratic voter registration surges to an all-time high 19-point lead over Republicans, the New York Times said that “the California Democratic Party stands as a model of electoral success and cohesion.”
July 2016

California repealed an anti-family law passed by Republicans in the 1990s that punished women receiving CalWorks support who had a child. The repeal of the Maximum Family Grant rule will benefit 130,000 California children.

July 2016

California’s fifth straight on-time, balanced budget expands early care options for working families, boosts K-12 spending by $3,600 per student, and builds the state's rainy day reserve.

March 2016

Governor Brown and California Democratic legislators raised the state’s minimum wage to $15 by 2022 with an agreement that also protects the budget and small businesses – becoming the first state to reach this milestone. No Republican legislators voted for the law.

October 2015

Governor Brown signed one of the nation’s strongest equal pay laws with bipartisan support to reduce the wage gap for women. California women earn 84 cents for every $1 a man earns for the same work.

October 2015

California made clean energy history with the signing of Senate Bill 350, which boosts renewable energy sources like wind and solar to 50% and doubles the energy efficiency of buildings by 2030.

October 2015

California Democrats passed SB 703, which prohibits discrimination against transgender people by companies doing business with the state, and SB 713, which aids transgender children in the foster care system to prevent homelessness, victimization, depression, and suicide.

October 2015

Governor Jerry Brown responded to a devastating oil spill on the Santa Barbara coast by signing bills to prevent oil spills and strengthen the state’s response to future spills.

October 2015

The California Motor Voter Act makes us a national leader on increasing voter participation by automatically registering California citizens to vote when they apply for, renew, or change their address on a driver’s license.

September 2015 California Democrats passed SB 588 to combat wage theft and ensure hardworking Californians are paid overtime and other earned wages. Wage theft by employers disproportionally affects women and people of color.
May 2015

California expanded Medi-Cal to cover all children regardless of their immigration status. The Health for All Kids Act will cover an estimated 170,000 children from families with low incomes.

May 2015 Gov. Brown signed the Climate Change Pact together with the leaders of other states and countries to reduce greenhouse gases and promote clean energy. Also known as the "Under 2 MOU," the goal is to keep global temperature increases below 2 degrees Celsius. As of December 2015 the pact includes 123 jurisdictions representing more than 720 million people and $19.9 trillion in combined GDP. “We are building a global force of cities, states – and even countries – to reduce carbon pollution and protect the wellbeing of people everywhere,” said Gov. Brown.
May 2015 California Democrats approved a 2015-16 state budget that increased per-pupil K-12 spending by $3,000, froze tuition costs at the UC and CSU systems through 2017, put billions of dollars into rainy day reserves, and expanded health insurance through Medi-Cal for children from low-income families, regardless of their immigration status.
November 2014 Californians approved Propositions 1 and 2 to safeguard California's water supply and to save money to protect schools and public safety services from budget cuts in future recessions.
November 2014 California Democrats added a seat to our 38-member Congressional delegation through our push into previously Republican-held areas. We delivered millions of doorhangers, slate cards, and mailers in targeted state and federal campaigns.
November 2014 California voters reelected Gov. Jerry Brown and again captured every constitutional statewide office and strong Democratic majorities in the California Legislature. The Los Angeles Times said California Democrats “had much to celebrate. They swept all eight statewide offices [and] Gov. Jerry Brown trounced his Republican challenger.”
October 2013 California Democrats overcame years of Republican stonewalling and approved Assembly Bill 60 to issue state driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants and improve safety on our roads.
September 2013 We gave more than 1 million working Californians a raise by raising the minimum wage from $8 to $10 by 2016.
August 2013 Governor Brown signed the School Success and Opportunity Act, ensuring transgender youth have the opportunity to fully participate and succeed in schools across the state.
July 2013 We passed the Middle Class Scholarship, which slashed student fees at UC and CSU by up to 40% for families making under $100,000.
November 2012 We led the charge to defeat the deceptive Proposition 32, which would have handed more power to corporate special interests.
November 2012 California voters sent nine targeted Republican Congressional incumbents and challengers packing.
November 2012 California Democrats championed Proposition 30 to restore funding to California K-12 schools and community colleges and help end years of teacher layoffs and budget cuts.
July 2012 California Democrats passed the Homeowner Bill of Rights to help stop fraudulent foreclosures and predatory lending practices and repair the damage of the foreclosure crisis.
November 2011 It Gets Bluer effort increased Democratic Latino voter turnout in Fresno, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties and led to pickup of Legislative and Congressional seats in 2012.
October 2011 Gov. Brown signed the California DREAM Act to open the door for all students to attend college, regardless of their immigration status. Most Republicans opposed the bill.
October 2011 Operation Game Changer improved turnout in Los Angeles by converting 50,000 Democrats to become permanent vote-by-mail voters.
November 2010 Californians approved the majority vote state budget with Proposition 25. Californians "made it a lot easier Tuesday for legislators to pass a budget," said the San Francisco Chronicle. Without Republican blocking tactics, Democrats have delivered balanced, on-time budgets since 2011.
November 2010 Californians elected Jerry Brown as governor despite his being outspent 6:1. The San Francisco Chronicle said Brown defied “a tsunami of spending by his billionaire opponent.” Sen. Barbara Boxer defeated a former corporate CEO who had offshored California jobs, and Democrats swept every constitutional statewide office.
March 2010 President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act to extend health insurance to an estimated 41 million uninsured Americans, despite unrelenting Republican opposition. The landmark law has since survived repeated Republican assaults and two legal challenges in the Supreme Court.
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